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Cool Patio 30 Misting System

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MistyMate Cool Patio 30 Misting System is professional grade and can cool the ambient air temperature up to 30°F. Perfect for kennels, outdoor pet areas, patios, and decks. The 30-foot hose has 16 no-rust and calcium resistant MicroMist Nozzles that deliver a continuous ultra-fine water mist. Preassembled. Includes 10 feet of supply line, 32 mounting brackets and supply line washer. Four-year limited warranty.
For use with standard household water pressure (60-80 psi)
Directions for Use: Insert black washer into the supply line fitting and connect to an outdoor spigot or garden hose. Turn water on to flush system. Attach the mist line to kennel area. Use one bracket on each side of every nozzle fitting. Screw in MicroMist Nozzles to mist line nozzle fittings, turn on water.
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