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Greyhound Style Comb

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Millers Forge Greyhound Style Comb is a chrome-plated carbon steel comb that is 7.25" long with rounded 1.125"L tines to get through the thickest of coats. Coarse side spacing is 7 tines per inch while the medium side is 13 tines per inch. The narrow 1.125" long tines are riveted through the spine of the comb and easily penetrate the thickest of coats. Perfect for Short Double Coats, Medium Double Coats, Long or Drop Coats, Flat Coats, Curly Coats and Hard Coats. This comb is designed for use on small to medium size dogs and longhaired cats too! The coarse-spaced end is for double, longhaired and curly coats. The medium-spaced end is for flat and hard coats.
Directions for Use: Brush coat thoroughly before combing. Use the comb to test what you have brushed by inserting the comb parallel to the skin to find tangles, matting or clumps of undercoat.
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