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Designer Large Soft Slicker Brush

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  • Millers Forge Designer Large Soft Slicker Brush is specially designed to maintain a healthy coat by removing dead hair and preventing mats
  • For easy brushing that won't scratch or irritate your pet's skin
  • Soft foam pad and ultra-fine bristles gently remove undercoat
  • Specially-designed handle for comfort and easy gripping
  • Great for medium to giant-sized dogs
Millers Forge Designer Large Soft Slicker Brush removes shedding hair without damaging topcoat, providing a beautiful and long-lasting, well-groomed finish. You will see why this brush is a favorite of groomers in just one brushing session. This exceptionally gentle and effective brush offers a soft foam 4" x 1.75" pad and lightweight handle. The face of the brush is filled with ultra-fine, bent-wire bristles that grasp and remove undercoat, helping to decrease shedding and prevent matting. Perfect for: short double coats, medium double coats, long double coats, long or drop coats, flat coats, curly coats and hard coats.
Bristle Pad Measures: 4" x 1.75"
General Directions: Use brush face to grasp and remove undercoat to decrease shedding and prevent matting. For best results, test what your have brushed with a comb inserted parallel to the skin to capture any tangles, mats or clumps.
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