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Dematting Comb

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Millers Forge Dematting Comb measures 7" and has 9 serrated, stainless steel blades, a comfort grip handle with a finger rest for your comfort and control. Perfect for use on Medium to Large size dogs with these coat types: Medium length Double-coats, Long Double-coats, Long or drop coats, Flat coats, Curly coats and Hard coats. The serrated blades can be turned around to accommodate "lefties".
Directions for Use:
  • Use your fingers to loosen the matted coat
  • Secure the dog's skin by pulling it taut
  • Isolate the mat and insert the blades behind the mat
  • Use short, quick strokes to pull the tool through the mat while supporting the skin with your other hand
  • Do not use a sawing motion as it creates discomfort for the dog
  • Brush the area with a comb to make sure the mat is gone
  • Repeat process as necessary taking care not to irritate the dog's skin
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