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Deluxe Coarse Tooth Comb

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  • Millers Forge Deluxe Coarse Tooth Comb is perfect for removing undercoats
  • Chrome-plated steel tines are rounded for a gentle touch
  • Features a comfort-grip handle
  • Great for long-haired breeds with dense coats
  • Has 6 tines per inch
Millers Forge Deluxe Coarse Tooth Comb is perfect for removing undercoats. This comb measures 8"L from top of comb to bottom of the comfort-grip handle. Features chrome-plated, rounded steel tines spaced 6 per inch. Perfect for long-haired breeds with dense coats, such as Poodles, Terriers, Sheep Dogs, Lhaso Apsos, etc. Also great for removing the undercoat from large, double-coated breeds like Newfoundlands, Samoyeds, Great Pyrenees, etc.
Measures: 8"L

6 tines per inch
Grooming Tips:
1. Regular combing of your pet's coat will remove dead, loose hair and give your pet a professionally groomed look.
2. It may be necessary to use a coarse comb as an initial grooming step—particularly where mats, tangles, etc. exist. Work through these before going to a fine or medium comb.
3. Be patient and gentle with your pet, and avoid yanking out their hair—you know how that hurts!
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