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Combination Brush

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Availability: Discontinued
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  • Millers Forge Combination Brush has a finger notched premium plastic handle
  • Safety ball tip side for initial brushing
  • Nylon side for finishing
Millers Forge Combination Brush combines an anti-static pin brush on one side and a fine nylon-bristled brush on the other. Measures 8.25"L. The ball-tipped pins are 5/8" long and embedded into a soft foam pad. Both brush surfaces are 3" x 2". It's the perfect tool for long-haired breeds such as Afghans and Old English Sheepdogs, double-coated breeds such as Collies and Samoyeds and flat-coated breeds such as most Setters and Spaniels. It is also great for horse and pony manes and tails.
Directions for Use: For best results it is important to test what you have brushed with a comb inserted parallel to the skin to capture any tangles, mats or clumps of undercoat. The anti-static pin brush can be used while fluff drying to straighten the coat and hasten the drying time of double-coated, longhaired and flat-coated breeds. It's also great for horse and pony manes and tails. This brush will separate the individual strands of hair but it does not grasp and remove the undercoat.
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