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  • Milkade™ helps dog moms produce a plentiful milk supply for their puppies
  • Mix with water
  • Easy to use
Milkade™ helps dog moms produce a plentiful supply of quality milk to satisfy all their pups. Easy to use, just mix the full contents of the bottle with one pint of water. Begin feeding four to five days before whelping and continue feeding for approximately 10 days after. The dosage is decreased gradually until weaning.
For animal use only. Not for human use.

Keep out of reach of children.
Ingredients: Sodium Acetate, Potassium Citrate, Calcium Gluconate, Lactose and Thiamine Hydrochloride.

Guaranteed Analysis:
Thiamine Hydrochloride (min) 3.0%
Directions for Use: Mix the bottle with one (1) pint of water. Stir until dissolved. Give 1 tbsp twice daily in food or by mouth, beginning 4 or 5 days before whelping and for approximately 10 days thereafter. Then decrease dosage until pups are weaned.

Important: Do not mix until ready to use and refrigerate after mixing. Sediment is normal.
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