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Midwest Replacement Pan

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  • For your favorite Midwest pet homes
  • Make it easy to clean up after your pets in case of accidents
  • Made of black composite plastic
  • 236PAN & 248PAN comes with 2 separate pans
Shipped directly from manufacturer. Ground shipping only. Please allow 7-10 business days for delivery.
As your pet plays and lives in his home, it may start to show the years of wear and tear. The Midwest Replacement Pan is made of black composite plastic, these replacement pans make it easy to clean up after your pets in case of accidents.
Model For Crate Size: For Crate Models:
25PAN 18"L x 12"W iCrate 1518
22PAN 22"L x 13"W iCrate 1522, Life Stages 1622DD
26PAN 24"L x 18"W iCrate 1524
27PAN 30"L x 19"W iCrate 1530
28PAN 36"L x 23"W iCrate 1536
3PAN 36"L x 23"W Stacking Crate SL35ST
6PAN 24"L x 18"W Life Stages 1624DD
7PAN 30"L x 21"W Life Stages 1630DD
8PAN 36"L x 24"W Life Stages 1636DD
9PAN 42"L x 28"W iCrate 1542, Life Stages 1642DD
10PAN 48"L x 30"W iCrate 1548, Life Stages 1648DD
142PAN 36"L x 24"W Cat Playpen 130
224PAN 36"W x 24"L Puppy Playpen 224
236PAN 36"W x 36"L Puppy Playpen 236
248PAN 48"W x 48"L Puppy Playpen 248
1154NPAN 54"L x 37"W Double Door SL54DD
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