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    • Replacement Pans for Midwest® Homes training crates
    • Easy to clean if pets have accidents
    • Made of durable black composite plastic
    • A size for each iCrate®, Life Stages®, or Playpen model
    • Replace pans to keep crates clean and looking like new
    Midwest® Pet Homes Replacement Pans make it easy to clean up after your pets' accidents during house training. Made of durable composite black plastic and sized to fit each Midwest® iCrate®, Life Stages® Single Door and Double Door Crate and Puppy and Cat Playpen model. When your pan starts to show wear and tear, simply replace it to keep your Midwest® Pet Home training crates clean and looking like new.

    Note: Models 236PAN & 248PAN contains two separate pans with a gap cover.
    Model For Crate Size: For Crate Models:
    25PAN 18"L x 12"W iCrate 1518
    22PAN 22"L x 13"W iCrate 1522, Life Stages 1622DD
    26PAN 24"L x 18"W iCrate 1524
    27PAN 30"L x 19"W iCrate 1530
    28PAN 36"L x 23"W iCrate 1536
    6PAN 24"L x 18"W Life Stages 1624DD
    7PAN 30"L x 21"W Life Stages 1630DD
    8PAN 36"L x 24"W Life Stages 1636DD
    9PAN 42"L x 28"W iCrate 1542, Life Stages 1642DD
    10PAN 48"L x 30"W iCrate 1548, Life Stages 1648DD
    142PAN 36"L x 24"W Cat Playpen 130
    224PAN 36"W x 24"L Puppy Playpen 224
    236PAN 36"W x 36"L Puppy Playpen 236
    248PAN 48"W x 48"L Puppy Playpen 248
    1154NPAN 54"L x 37"W Double Door SL54DD

    Note: Models 236PAN & 248PAN contains two separate pans with a gap cover.

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