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Extra Thick and Comfy, Keeps pets cool in the summ
Extra Thick and Comfy, Keeps pets cool in the summ
Quiet Time Pet Beds - 70260-242-511
Quiet Time Pet Beds - 70260-242-511
Quiet Time Pet Beds - 70260-242-511
Quiet Time Pet Beds - 70260-242-511
Quiet Time Pet Beds - 70260-242-511

Quiet Time Pet Beds

  • Midwest® Quiet Time® Pet Beds keeps pets cool in summer and warm in winter
  • Use in crates, carriers, dog houses, vehicles or as a stand-alone bed
  • Ultra-soft fabric exterior
  • Cushioned poly/cotton base with polyester-filled bolsters
  • Machine washable
Use Midwest® Quiet Time® Pet Beds in wire crates, plastic carriers, dog houses or as a stand-alone bed. The cushioned poly/cotton base and the comfortable polyester-filled bolsters keep pets cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Choose from comfy synthetic sheepskin (fleece) or ultra-soft plush fur. Durable, stain-resistant and completely machine washable.
Available in the following colors and sizes:
Fashion Pink
22"L x 13"W
24"L x 18"W

Fashion Powder Blue
22"L x 13"W

Classic Cinnamon
22"L x 13"W
24"L x 18"W
30"L x 21"W
36"L x 23"W

Classic Plush Gray
22"L x 13"W
24"L x 18"W

Classic Fleece
22"L x 13"W
24"L x 18"W
30"L x 21"W
36"L x 23"W
42"L x 26"W

Product Reviews
Crescent Kat
By: Crescent Kat
From: Mesa AZ
I've been breeding almost Cornish Rex for 25 years & have been buying these fleece beds from Revival for close to 20 years & I ship my kids all over the USA and I always send a heater underneath the bed so each kids/kids arrive warm & cozy in these beds. The beds always stay with the kids. My Pet Nanny who flies the kids doesn't even have to put a pad in her carrier because she knows I always send my own bed for my kids:). For me there are no other beds to be had. Also have washed many times over and they last a very long time:)
Awesome Beds for Cattery Set-ups
By: K.A.
From: California
We raise hairless sphynx and it is essential to have warm beds for them. These beds are superb. We have been using them for years and will never ever buy anything else and recommend them to everyone. We have kitty condo's we keep our cats in and these beds come with a heavily sewn loop so you can securely attach them to where you want them to stay. They wash up very well and stay nice. My beds get washed every week and I only have to replace them every 6-8 months and that's with heavy use. Awesome product!!

Great Beds !
By: Greg and Linda
From: Kansas City
We have tried several big fancy fat fluffy beds in the past and our cats wanted nothing to do with them. Then we found these fleece beds at great prices through Revival and now they practically live on them; Especially after we put one bed one top of another forming double deckers. These beds are great, not because they are fancy, but rather because they are comfortable all year round. We can't help ourselves, we like to spoil our Himalayan cats.

No match with small crate
By: Sylvia Smart
From: Arizona
It would be really nice to be able to purchase the crate and the pad to fit the crate from Revival Animal - however - Revival has elected to sell a small crate but not offer any pad to fit the small crate!!!! Don't small kittens and puppies deserve to have a nice plush pad in their small crate????

By: Jethro's mom
From: Texas
We use this more as a warm, cozy mat on top of an elevated dog bed. It is soft and plush. The "kids" love it. And it washes and dries in a snap.
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