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Mega-Tek Pet Rebuilder- 16oz

Mega-Tek Pet Rebuilder

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Use Mega-Tek Pet Rebuilder to restore the structure, strength and elasticity of your pet's skin and coat. Binds proteins to the coat while removing damaging toxins, medications and chemical toxins. Detangles matted hair and stimulates hair growth, and its also great for repairing cracked & damaged paw pads. Non-toxic, stimulates growth without the use of artificial rebuilders or petroleum-based products.
Deionized water, Hydrolized Keratin Protein, Peptoneized Milk Protein Hydrolysate, Amino Acids, Mucopolysaccharides, Marine Protein Peg, Sea Kelp Algin, Methylparaben, Fragrance, Propylparaben.
Apply to areas suffering from dry skin conditions, hot spots or hair loss. Also can be applies to cracked or damaged paw pads.
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