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Magnador Two-Way Pet Doors

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Magnador gives your pet complete come-and-go freedom. The permanent magnet keeps the door closed, so only your pet can come in - not insects or bad weather. Made of durable high-impact styrene with a nylon security lock for long-lasting strength. Easy to install in your house, garage, basement or dog house. Heavy Duty model magnet has 30-40 times higher holding power than standard. One year warranty.
Model Pet Size Door Opening Door Dimensions
Mini Cats & Small Dogs 6"W x 8"H 7 7/8"W x 10 1/2"H
Mag I Pets 20-50 lbs 11"W x 13"H 13"L x 15 5/8"H
Mag II Pets Over 50 lbs 13"W x 19 3/4"L 17"L x 24"L
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