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Lightning Air LA-2SPX

Lightning Air Purifier, LA-2SPX

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The Lightning Air LA-2SPX is a combination air purifier and sanitizer that effectively removes odors in your home, without the use of fragrances. The LightningAir re-creates the same process that nature uses to keep the air fresh and clean, similar to waterfalls, ocean waves and thunderstorms.

The ionic purifier generates negative ions to keep dust and particle levels down, while the O3 sanitizer puts activated oxygen into the air, breaking down odors at their source. Removes odors such as mold, mildew, pollen, chemical gases & paint fumes, bacteria, viruses and fungi, dust & smoke particles, pets, cooking, tobacco and more, leaving a fresh clean smell in your home. Purifies an area up to 3500 sq ft.
Dimensions: 12"H x 10"D x 8W. Weight: 15lbs.
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