K-P Anti-Diarrhea Liquid

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    • Quickly helps sooth an upset stomach
    • Helps relieve symptoms from diarrhea in pets
    • Contains kaolin and pectin for fast relief
    Soothe your pet's upset stomach or diarrhea with KP Anti-Diarrhea Liquid. Safe for both dogs and cats.
    Water, kaolin, aluminum hydroxide, pectin, glycerin, sorbitol, xantan gum, sodium benzoate, FD&C red 40
    Add to food or give directly every 4 hours. Pets 1-15 lbs: give 1 tsp (5ml); 16-50 lbs: give 2 tsp. (10ml); 51 lbs. & over: 1tbsp (15ml).
    Overall Customer Rating of 2 Reviews:

    Great product!

    • effeciveness
    • price
    • availability
    This product works like a dream. Our labradoodle will eat it right up and feels better shortly. I HIGHLY recommend KP Anti Diarrhea Liquid!

    League City, TX

    Good stuff!

    • Really works
    • Price
    • Quality
    • Room Temp storage
    • Large doses needed - about 1 ml per lb
    I am very happy with this product. This really works to slow down the diarrhea, and reduce dehydration. It doesn't kill or treat any parasites or bacteria or giardia or any of those types of "root causes" of diarrhea - but I like to give it "in between" the other meds. Since it has kaolin (clay) in it, I prefer to give it two hours before or after any other medicine - so that the clay doesn't absorb the medicine. This product helped me save the life of a small kitten with severe diarrhea, because the other medicine she was on (for coccidia) took some time to work - so in the meantime, the poor kitten was losing all her hydration, nutrients, as well as much of the medicine, out the back end. Plus, the backs of her legs were raw. This product slowed down her diarrhea well enough for the medicine to work, and also helped her retain more of her food. She got better, and her legs healed fine too!

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