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It's the Scoop

  • It's the Scoop cat litter scoop is designed for multi-cat families or professionals
  • Features strong steel construction and is lightweight
  • Litter falls through tines so you're only lifting cat waste
  • Does not create dust when scooping
It's the Scoop is designed for multi-cat families and professionals. This litter scoop features strong steel construction, yet it's lightweight. Litter falls right through the tines so all you're lifting is the cat's waste. Does not create dust when scooping.
Measures 13"L w/handle x 6"W

Product Reviews
Love it!
By: Love & Hisses
From: North Alabama
This scoop makes scooping the litter box so much faster and easier - you're not stuck waiting for litter to sift through the scoop, just scoop on through the litter, picking up the clumps, and you're done (I use clumping clay litter, not sure if that makes a difference.) I have four litter stations in my house, and have one of these scoops at each one. I highly recommend them!

This scoop nails it!!!!!
By: Cats 'n' Brats
From: Florida
I have been rescuing for 20 years and have many kitties. Scooping lots of boxes 3 to 4 times a day is a tedious and a never ending task. This scoop makes it so fast and easy. I love, love, love it. I agree with others that the handle should be either solid or covered with something. It is a little uncomfortable but still worth it. It keeps the boxes clean and is so fast. I have spent a fortune on plastic scoops that just break constantly and don't get all the litter. This company has nailed it. The inventor obviously scoops a lot of litter boxes! Thank you Revival Animal for selling this product. Awesome.
By: Moosecatlady
From: Tennessee
Owning a cattery, I have used a lot of products, but this thing works. Makes scooping faster and easier.

The only thing I would change is the handle. When they make that easier to hold. I will be ordering more.
best scooper out there
By: Beth H
From: Kenosha, WI
I have 27 kitties...and I scoop alot of boxes! I have tried everything and this cuts down my scooping time to less than half and it gets it all....every little tiny bit! Leaves it perfectly clean! It's so simple but perfect! Never thought I'd pay 20 for a litter scooper, but I'm ordering another!
Super Scoop
By: Terilynn
From: CA
This is the scoop I've long awaited. It's sturdy metal as opposed to flimsy plastic. And it works great in my large litter boxes for several rescue cats. I only wish the handle was solid. My pinkie finger likes to get caught in it. It works well in all types of litter. The only thing better would quite possibly be a backhoe.

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