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Hurricane Fogger-Fogger

Hurricane Fogger

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Fogging large rooms has never been easier! The Hurricane Fogger is a hand held, portable fogger that can be used with both water & oil based products, including disinfectants, deodorizers, germicides and insecticides. With three precision nozzles to adjust mist size and an adjustable metering valve to determine dispensing rate, you can control where and how much you want to fog.
Operates on 110V AC, 6.85 amp, 20,000 rpm. Has a 1 gallon transparent tank.
Plug power cord into electrical outlet. Attach one end of plastic tubing to the medical nebulizer & the other end to the compressor air outlet. Fill medical nebulizer as per doctors prescription. Turn on unit by pressing the on/off switch to the "-" position. Begin treatment as per prescription. At the end of the treatment, press the on/off switch to the "O" position. Three precision nozzles deliver particle sizes from 5 to 50 microns. Adjustable metering valve can be set to deliver up to 5 gallons/hr output.
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