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Humane Contain Advanced Electronic Fence Super System

  • Humane Contain Advanced Electronic Dog Fence applies Pulsed Proportional Stimulus and progressive tone stimulus
  • Results in shorter training time and a better trained dog
  • Anti-run through protection for dogs from 10-200 pounds
  • Covers up to 30 acres with the purchase of additional wire
  • Kit includes TX-7 transmitter, RC-8 receiver collar, AC Adapter, 500-feet Ultra-Wire, 50 boundary flags and 3 wire splices, long and short hair probes and, installation and training manual
Shipped directly from manufacturer. Ground shipping only. Please allow 7-10 business days for delivery.
The Humane Contain Advanced Electronic Dog Fence Super System brings you ultra-advanced technology at a value price providing secure, reliable and humane dog containment. The revolutionary Pulsed Proportional Stimulus System delivers sound and shock stimulus based upon your pet's exact distance from the boundary wire. Competing systems sometimes deliver too much or too little stimulus. With the HC-7000, stimulus bursts come faster as your pet moves closer to the boundary allowing your pet to decide how much stimulus is required to initiate retreat behavior for the most effective, humane and reliable containment. The included ultra-slim RC-8 Ultra Collar is fully waterproof and comes with an attractive, yet ultra-tough poly-elastomeric adjustable strap. The state-of-the-art TX-7 transmitter features an all-digital, coded signal to eliminate false triggers and includes both audible and visual wire break alarms. Current-controlled power lets you add enough wire to enclose up to 30 acres while maintaining precise control of your field width which is sometimes a problem with inferior systems. Custom engineered Ultra-Wire is thicker overall and stronger than heavy duty 18-gauge burial-grade wire. Its special high-strength coating is resistant to sunlight, moisture and ground rot. It's extremely high pull-strength resists wire breaks. Features multiple collar operation. There is no limit to the number of collars you can have. Extra collars are sold separately. Made for dogs 10-200 pounds. Kit includes TX-7 transmitter, RC-8 receiver collar, AC Adapter, 500-feet Ultra-Wire (covers about 14,500 sq. ft.), 50 boundary flags and 3 wire splices, long and short hair probes and step-by-step installation and training manual. Accessories sold separately. Shipped directly from manufacturer.
Multiple collar operation. No limit to the number of collars you can have.

Has built-in lightening protection to protect your system and your home against lightning strikes.

U.L. Listed
Meets and exceeds all applicable government standards and regulations.
FCC Approval No. QP4HC-5000

Kit includes:
One TX-7 transmitter
One RC-8 receiver collar with poly-elastomer strap is adjustable from 7" to 25"
One AC Adapter
500-feet Ultra-Wire (covers about .4 acres or about 14,500 sq. ft.)
50 boundary flags
3 waterproof wire splices
Long and short hair probes
One Replaceable Receiver Collar Battery Packs
Four Mounting screws
One Step-by-step installation and training manual.

For dogs 10-200 lbs.

90-day satisfaction guaranteed
One-year warranty

*Additional RC-8 Ultra Collars, RC-8 replacement battery B-3V8, Boundary Extension Kit, and Driveway Crossover Strip are sold separately.
Follow the instructions detailed in your manual.
Step 1: Plan your layout
Step 2: Assemble the tools
  • Straight edge spade or power edger
  • Wire cutter/stripper
  • Power drill with 1/8" drill bit
  • Phillips screwdriver or Phillips driver bit for your drill
Step 3: Set up the Base Station Transmitter
  • Mount to a wall next to an 110 Volt outlet
  • Prepare Battery Backup
  • AC Adapter: Plug the 9 VDC adapter into a standard 115 Volt outlet and connect the DC plug into the receptacle on the right of the Base Station Transmitter.
Step 4: Test the Receiver Collar Radio Function
Step 5: Prepare Twisted Wire Lengths First
Step 6: Layout the Boundary Wire above Ground before you bury it.
Step 7: Test the system
Step 8: Bury the Boundary wire (no more than 4 inches deep)
Step 9: Place the Boundary Flags
Step 10: Fit the Receiver Collar to Your Dog

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