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HomeAgain Universal WorldScan Scanner (Pocket Reader)

HomeAgain Universal WorldScan Reader

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  • The HomeAgain® Universal WorldScan™ Reader detects all U.S. brands of microchips
  • Reads all 134.2 kHz, 128 kHz and 125 kHz microchips
  • LCD numerical display
  • Auto shut-off features extends battery life
  • Durable and heavy-duty casing
The HomeAgain® Universal WorldScan™ Pocket Reader reads all US microchips, including 125, 128 and 134.2 kHz frequencies. Complete with LCD numerical display and auto shut-off feature that extends battery life. Made with a durable and heavy-duty casing. This reader is made specifically to read the HomeAgain 15-digit 134 kHz chips. This scanner was shown in a real-world trial to be the most sensitive in detecting all frequencies of microchips and accurately displaying the ID codes. Comes with batteries, wrist strap, operator's manual, and test chip. One year warranty. Please note that not all scanners are compatible with HomeAgain chips.

Print additional enrollment forms here: HomeAgain Enrollment Form Or go online and register your microchip here: http://www.homeagain.com/homeagain/enhancedConsumerEnrollmentEmailEntry.do
This scanner reads chips that are nine, ten or fifteen digits long. Here is a list of microchips that this scanner will read:

All Pro-ID™ and Buddy ID™ microchips (125 kHz AND 134 kHz)
All HomeAgain® microchips
All Avid microchips (Secure encrypted and Euro)
The TempScan® microchip (The WorldScan is the only scanner that can display the temperature of the animal)
The TravelChip™
AKC Trovan microchip
ISO Microchips (15 digit)
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