High Temperature Cautery

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    • High Temperature Cautery 2" extended shaft loop tip for accurate and quick results
    • Cautery heats up to 2200° F
    • Cordless
    • Single-use sterile device
    Cauterize small blood vessels and bleeders quickly and easily with this cordless, High Temperature Cautery. Loop tip quickly heats up to 2200° Fahrenheit and allows for accurate cautery. It's packaged sterile so it can be used in a sterile surgical environment. The lightweight design makes it easy to use for long periods without tiring the hand. The pressure sensitive switch allows for easy on/off. This instrument cools down quickly and is safe to the touch within 4 seconds. Single use device. Simply discard the entire cautery when the batteries wear out.
    High Temperature Cautery 2" Extended Shaft Loop Tip
    Packaged Sterile
    Single-use device

    Warning: Do not use in the presence of flammable gases/materials or oxygen environments. Fire could result.



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