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Health Guard Antibacterial Medicated Spray

Health Guard Antibacterial Medicated Spray

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Treat your pet's irritating skin problems with Health Guard Antibacterial Medicated Spray, which soothes your pet's skin and encourages healing. Controls a variety of problems, including hot spots, ringworm, dry skin, skin allergies, flea-bite dermatitis and other skin infections. Provides fast healing, with residual activity to encourage coat regrowth. Gentle to the skin, it protects fur follicles and won't burn when applied.
Kitten & Puppy Spray is safe for animals 2-8 weeks old, protecting against cross contamination even while they're still in close contact with one another.
Dl water, triclosan, amodimethicone, cetrimonium
After bathing, spray coat once a day for 5 days. Skip a day, then repeat if necessary.
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