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Groomer's Goop- 4.5 Lb Creme

Groomer's Goop Cream

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4.5 lbs
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  • Groomer's GOOP removes difficult stains from your pet's coat
  • Effectively de-grease the coats of log-haired dogs and cats
  • Non-toxic.
Groomer's Goop removes the most difficult stains from your pet's coat, leaving it clean, lustrous and full of body. The enriched formula contains conditioners like lanolin, glycerin, vitamin E and aloe vera to keep your pet's skin protected. Great for both short and long-haired dogs and cats.
Créme: Isoparafins, Water, Fatty Acids, Surfactants, Glycerine, PEG-75, Fragrance, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, Preservatives.
Créme: Rub a generous portion into pet's dry coat, massaging the entire coat head to toe. Leave on for 5 minutes. Use Groomer's Goop Shampoo to clean and rinse repeatedly until pet is squeaky clean.
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