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Fresh N Clean Scented Pet Shampoo

Fresh'N Clean Shampoo

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Fresh N Clean Scented Pet Shampoo cleans away the dirt on your pet's coat to leave a long-lasting fresh scent that lasts for up to 2 weeks. Aloe vera soothes the skin, while extra conditioners make the hair shiny, manageable and free of mats and tangles. Compatible with the natural pH balance of their skin and coat to minimize irritation.
Cleansing agents (sodium laureth sulfate, disodium oleamido MEA sulfosuccinate, cocamido-propyl betaine), Conditioner (cocamide diethanolamine), Soothing agent (aloe vera gel) and Long Lasting Fragrance.
1. Wet coat with warm water. 2. Pour shampoo along pet's back. 3. Work shampoo into coat. Add more if needed. 4. Rinse. 5. Shampoo again. 6. Rinse until water is free of suds.
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