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Fly Relief Trap

Fly Relief Disposable Fly Trap

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  • The Fly Relief™ Disposable Fly Trap is insecticide-free
  • Contains attractant to draw in thousands of flies
  • Ideal for yards, or around kennels and stables
  • For outdoor use only
Note: This product cannot be shipped via postal service or air. This product cannot be shipped outside the 48 contiguous states.
Use the Fly Relief™ Disposable Fly Trap in the yard, kennel, stable, barn around horses, pets, cattle, hogs, garbage containers or in other areas where flies are a problem. Insecticide-free, the Fly Relief™ Trap contains an attractant which, when filled with water, draws flies in by the thousands. With a convenient twist-tie for hanging, the bag holds 10,000 flies. Outdoor use only. Sorry, this item cannot be shipped air service.
For outdoor use only.
Not recommended for use against biting flies.
Directions for Use:
1. Pull up trap top by tab until snapped into position.
2. Hang the trap outside in a sunlit area of high fly concentration where flies are active and where odors will not be a problem. For maximum effectiveness, trap should be within four feet (1.21 m.) of the ground. In hot weather (above 85° F (29.4° C), the trap should be placed in a shaded area for optimal results. In cooler weather, place trap in a sunny location.
3. The Attractant Tube is inside trap bag and must not be removed. Hold base of Attractant Tube (within bag) tightly with thumb and forefinger, pointing tube downward. Twist tip of spout until it snaps, allowing Attractant to pour out into bag.
Note: Hold trap upright so Attractant does not spill out of top. You may need to squeeze Attractant tube to force liquid out.
4. Fill trap to "fill line" by pouring clean water through top of trap.
Note: For best results, fill the trap while it is hanging.
5. Agitate lightly to disperse Attractant.

1. Trap contents should be agitated at least twice weekly to thoroughly wet all trapped flies.
2. Add water as necessary to keep the fluid level ½ inch below the surface of trapped flies. Do not allow the trap to dry out.
3. Without adequate agitation, fly larvae (maggots) may appear as a layer of dry flies accumulates in the trap. If this should occur, add one teaspoon of liquid dish soap and enough water to wet all flies thoroughly. Maggots will drown in soapy water.
4. When trap is full of flies, place bag in trash receptacle. Flies in trap may give off bad odor so care should be taken to keep trap contents from coming in contact with hands or clothing.

Helpful Hints:
In areas with exceptionally hard water, using distilled or purified water may improve trap performance.
In areas with heavy fly populations, use several traps in different locations.
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