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Fish Tapes

Fish Tapes (Praziquantel)

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  • 34mg dose of Praziquantal for use against tapeworms and praziquantal susceptible disease.
  • Used for removal and control of tapeworms.
  • For use in freshwater and ornamental aquariums by fish hobbyists and professionals.
Fish Tapes contain the same active ingredient as other tapeworm medications, but in a water-soluble capsule or powder. The praziquantel kills both tapeworm species. Labeled for the treatment of praziquantel susceptible disease conditions in freshwater, marine and ornamental aquariums.
Regular capsules and powder contains 34mg praziquantel per capsule/teaspoon.
Forte contains 170mg praziquantel for 5 times the strength and effectiveness.
Regular capsules and powder contain 34mg praziquantel.
Forte capsules contain 170mg praziquantel.
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