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Fish Cillin

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  • Each capsule of Fish Cillin contains 250 mg Ampicillin
  • Controls common bacterial diseases of fish
  • Exerts bactericidal action on gram positive and some gram negative bacteria
  • Used to control Aeromonas, Pseudomonas genera and Mycobacterial Group
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Fish Cillin (Ampicillin 250 mg) is a broad range water-soluble antibiotic that works against gram-positive and some gram-negative bacteria. It is generally more effective in treating gram-positive infections. Fish Cillin is recommended for the control of common bacterial diseases in fish including Aeromonas, Pseudomonas and Mycobacterial Group such as Gill Diseases and Chondrococcus. Each capsule contains Ampicillin 250 mg.
For ornamental and aquarium fish use only. Not for human use.
Do not give to fish intended for food use.

Keep out of the reach of children

Keep container tightly closed store in a cool, dry place.
Active ingredient: Ampicillin 250 mg
Each capsule contains 250 mg Ampicillin.
Directions for Use:
Add one capsule into aquarium for each 10 gallons of water. Repeat in 24 hours. It is suggested that a partial water change be made between treatments. While treatment duration depends on the type and severity of infection, it is recommended that extended baths in the medication continue for a minimum of 5 days and for not more than 10 days. Discontinued treatment if no improvement is noted within 5 days.
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