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Ferret Water Bottle

Lixit Ferret Water Bottle

  • The Lixit® Ferret Water Bottle is great for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Easy to use, fill and clean
  • No-leak design with a double ball-point stainless steel tube
  • Easy to install
  • Made in USA
Great for both indoor and outdoor use, the Lixit® Ferret Water Bottle is easy to use, fill and clean. BPA free and no-leak design with a double ball-point, stainless steel tube. Deluxe bottle holders are easy to install. The weather-resistant bottles have bottle graphics for added fun. Made in USA.
Avoid exposure to direct sunlight.
Not dishwasher safe.
Always fill completely full and tighten cap securely.
Filling Instructions:
Water bottles work on a vacuum lock. When bottle is filled and first inverted, press the control ball and let water trickle out until vacuum develops (before placing bottle in holder). Occasional dripping due to temperature-caused expansion of the bottle is normal.

1. Fill the bottle to capacity.
2. Install bottle so tube will be 3 to 6 inches above cage floor.
3. Attach bottle to cage with the supplied wire holder.

It is recommended to wash and rinse bottles after every use. After cleaning and refilling, make sure sealing gasket is in place. Always tighten bottle cap securely. If cap is loose, air entry can cause nonstop dripping until bottle is empty.

Product Reviews
CEO Anderson's Yorkies LLC
By: CEO Anderson's Yorkies
From: Mason City, IA
We are a small breeder of very small puppies. We breed Champion Bloodline Yorkshire Terriers and Maltese, and we use these water feeders because sometimes we need to medicate the the dogs need electrolites or an oral anti-biotic.. We add it to the water and moniter it..And we also use these waterers so there is less mess from jumping puppies and dogs..
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