Midwest Ferret Nation

Double Unit, 36"x25"x63¼"
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    • Midwest® Ferret Nation® is a user friendly, long-lasting ferret cage
    • Maximum play area with wide expanse shelf
    • Full width double doors provide easy front access
    • Swing up locking ramps secure sections for cleaning, feeding and separating ferrets
    • Multiple attaching points to add accessories
    Midwest® Ferret Nation® provides ferrets with a safe, fun-filled habitat for life. The wide shelves and full-width plastic pans give them plenty of play space while preventing dangerous falls. The shelves have a "less mess" design and are height adjustable with removable plastic shelf trays for easy cleaning. The Midwest® Ferret Nation® ramps are angled appropriately and have reversible "happy feet" covers designed for your ferret's safety. They swing-up and lock for easy cleaning, feeding or separating ferrets. Full-width double doors give you maximum accessibility, with a dual-locking latch for one-handed operation. Features sturdy square tube frame and wire construction for maximum ferret security and has multiple attaching points for accessories. The gray quartz hammertone finish blends well with any d├ęcor. Includes matching stand with roll and lock casters which raises the cage to a convenient height, provides a storage area underneath the cage and allows you to easily move the cage when needed. No tools assembly allows the Ferret Nation to be compatible with Critter Nation® cages.
    Ferret Nation® Model 182 (double unit)
    Measures: 36"L x 25"W x 63.25"H
    Weight: 93 lbs
    2 (two) pans
    2 (two) shelves
    3 (three) ramps
    3 (three) ramp covers
    1 (one) matching stand with locking casters

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