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  • Fel-O-Taurine is needed to maintain overall health in cats and kittens
  • Taurine supports heart health, digestive function as well as normal vision in felines
  • Cats getting cooked foods or commercially processed foods need Taurine
  • Fel-O-Taurine is water soluble and easy to feed
  • Contains Taurine in a Maltodextrin powder
Fel-O-Taurine is a water soluble supplement easily mixed with food or water to ensure house cats receive this essential amino acid. Cats in the wild naturally get Taurine in their diet from hunted raw food. House cats suffer from a Taurine deficiency when placed on a cooked or commercial diet. Taurine is essential for cats to maintain electrolyte balance, cardiovascular health, gastrointestinal function as well as normal vision. Supplement Fel-O-Taurine as needed to support your feline's overall health. Contains Taurine in a Maltodextrin powder.
For use in cats only. Not for human use.

Keep out of reach of children.

Store in a cool, dry place.
Ingredients: Taurine and Maltodextrin
1,000 mg of Taurine per 5 gm
Directions for Use: Give ½ tsp as needed.

For use in felines.
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