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Fecal Flotation System-Box/50

Fecal Float Device

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The Fecal Flotation System is an easy and accurate system for diagnosing internal parasites in all animals. The diagnostic kit includes fecalyzer (cylinder, cap and insert for fecal sample) and instruction sheet. Requires fecal flotation solution and a microscope. Includes 50 disposable internal parasite diagnostic kits.
For veterinary use only.

Directions for Use:
Take off the cap but do not remove the green insert.
Fill the kit with fecal solution (not included) to the bottom point of the arrow on the side of the vial.
Thoroughly agitate the solution and the fecal sample by turning the green insert back and forth. This releases the ova from the waste material.
Securely press the green insert down into the kit.
Fill the kit to the brim with fecal flotation solution so that a meniscus is visible.
Place a 22mm microscope cover slip on top of the meniscus for 15-20 minutes to allow full ova flotation.
Gently remove cover slip from kit and place it on a clean microscope slide for examination at proper magnification.
Dispose of used kit in a sanitary container.
Includes: 50 disposable internal parasite diagnostic kits.

Store in a cool, dry location.
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