Electronic Fence Boundary Extension Kit

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    • Electronic Fence Boundary Extension Kit extends boundary 500 feet
    • Use with any brand electronic fence
    • Solid copper core, extra high-strength insulation
    • Resistant to sunlight, moisture and ground rot
    • Resists breaking
    For use with High Tech Pet Humane Contain Fence, the X-10 Multi-function Electronic Multi Fence or any brand of electronic fence. The Kit gives you 500 feet of custom engineered Ultra Wire, 50 boundary flags and 3 waterproof wire splices. This wire is specially engineered for electronic dog fences with electrical and mechanical properties optimized for your dog containment application. The wire is solid-core copper designed for optimum electrical impedance. It has an extra thick jacket made of a specially formulated insulation material that is resistant to ultraviolet sunlight, moisture, ground rot and corrosion. High tensile strength insulation greatly reduces the risk of wire breaks. Whether you have a genuine Humane Contain electronic dog fence or another brand, this is hands-down, the best dog containment fence wire you will find anywhere. Shipped directly from manufacturer.
    Kit Includes:
    500 feet of Solid-core copper Ultra Wire
    50 Boundary Flags
    3 Waterproof Wire Splices

    90-day satisfaction guaranteed
    One-year warranty

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