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Novartis EasySpotâ„¢ is a fast acting flea, tick, and chewing lice solution designed exclusively for cats and kittens 8 weeks of age and older. This waterproof formula has an easy-to-use applicator and gives long-lasting control.
Holding the tube with notched end pointing up and away from the face and body, cut off the narrow end at the notches. While holding the cat with one hand, use the other hand to apply the solution. Invert the tube and use open end to part cat's hair. Apply contents of one tube at the spot between your cat's shoulder blades. Hold the cat for a few seconds to give the solution time to be absorbed into the cat's coat.

For all cats : Apply one tube, between the shoulder blades

Do not apply more than one every 4 weeks and more than one applicator per treatment.
Active Ingredients: Fipronil
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