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Arm's Reach CO-SLEEPER Duplex Pet Bunk is the perfect option for owners who love co-sleeping with their pets. The convenient Pet Bunk Bed fits securely against your bed at the same sleeping level, giving your pets their own space to stretch out and sleep. The 3-sided panel offers a sense of security and allows them to rest against any panel, but prevents them from jumping into your bed. The lower bunk has 3 zippered air-flow panels, so it can also be used as a soft crate for hideout or keep-out, while the top bunk can also be used as a grooming table. Strong metal frame with a comfortable mattress and removable polyester cover.
Regular: Measures 34"L x 20"W x 25"H (lowered side 21.5"). For pets up to 60 lbs
Large: Measures 40"L x 28"W x 25"H (lowered side 21.5"). For puts up to 110 lbs
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