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    • Drymate® Max Whelping Box Liner controls liquids and prevents soak-through
    • Provides a sanitary whelping area
    • Gives your puppies an insulated and sure-footed surface
    • Non-slip backing keeps mat in place
    • Cut to fit any whelping box, edges won't unravel
    Drymate® Max Whelping Box Liner helps you keep whelping area clean for moms and puppies. The soft, non-woven fabric is highly absorbent and stands up wash after wash to provide a sanitary whelping area. The waterproof backing prevents soak-through and keeps mat in place giving puppies secure footing. Drymate® Max Whelping Box Liner can be easily cut to fit any size whelping box, the edges will not unravel. Made in the USA from over 50% recycled fiber.
    Standard: 50"L x 48"W approx. ⅛" thick
    X-Large: 100"L x 48"W approx. ⅛" thick
    Color: Charcoal Grey
    Made from over 50% recycled fiber.

    Limited Warranty: Product guaranteed 30 days from date of purchase. Washing instructions must be followed to prevent product damage.

    Made in USA.
    Directions for Use: Cut mat to fit whelping box. Because the nesting instincts of some moms may cause them to scratch and bundle-up the liner, secure the liner down to make sure puppies cannot crawl underneath.

    Washing Instructions: Machine wash warm separately, gentle cycle. Do not bleach. HANG DRY ONLY.
    Overall Customer Rating of 13 Reviews:

    I definitely recommend this product!

    I love how thin, but warm this pad is. I can easily fit a heating pad under the liner and the heat radiates through, but the rubber backing keeps it in place so there is no danger of puppies ending up directly in touch with the heating pad. I am able to have a warm side and a not-as-warm side in the whelping box. I also love how soft it is and the good grip that even 1-day old puppies have on it. It is not slippery like newspaper.


    just a few cautions to this product

    I am a small in home breeder and was wanting to purchase some whelping pads for our whelping boxes. These seemed a little pricey, but still seemed like a good option if they would hold up over several birthings. My caution to the buyer considering this product would be 2-fold. The first being that when the mamas scratch at these prior to giving birth as they do their nesting, the product gathers a huge amount of fuzz. I have had to pull off the material by the handfuls. I still get lots of fuzz even after the puppies are born and I continue to have it down for them.The second inconvenience is that when you wash the mats, they have the tendency to hold large amounts of water in them so you may get a bath when you take them out of your washer, so beware.


    Whelping Pad

    We really like the whelping pad material to put in the bottom of our crates to ship our puppies.

    It stays in place and helps keep the puppy dry.

    Whelping Pad

    Liked it so much I ordered a second one. My 12 year old dog is in a cart due to limited use of his back legs and this is great for him and keeping his bedding dry during the night.

    Northern Michigan

    Fuzzy but warm

    I have never used anything but newspapers in the whelping box but, after mom almost stepped on a puppy who got underneath the papers, I decided to try this pad. So far it has withstood the frequent digging that mom has done and she has scratched up a lot of the fiber, but it is still looking decent. I love that it is so warm. The puppies are very comfortable on it, comfortable and warm enough to frequently be out from under the heat lamp. I would definitely recommend this pad and will be purchasing spares to have on hand while washing.



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