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Whelping Pad

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  • Drymate® Max Whelping Box Liner controls liquids and prevents soak-through
  • Provides a sanitary whelping area
  • Gives your puppies an insulated and sure-footed surface
  • Non-slip backing keeps mat in place
  • Cut to fit any whelping box, edges won't unravel
Drymate® Max Whelping Box Liner helps you keep whelping area clean for moms and puppies. The soft, non-woven fabric is highly absorbent and stands up wash after wash to provide a sanitary whelping area. The waterproof backing prevents soak-through and keeps mat in place giving puppies secure footing. Drymate® Max Whelping Box Liner can be easily cut to fit any size whelping box, the edges will not unravel. Made in the USA from over 50% recycled fiber.
Standard: 50"L x 48"W approx. ⅛" thick
X-Large: 100"L x 48"W approx. ⅛" thick
Color: Charcoal Grey
Made from over 50% recycled fiber.

Limited Warranty: Product guaranteed 30 days from date of purchase. Washing instructions must be followed to prevent product damage.

Made in USA.
Directions for Use: Cut mat to fit whelping box. Because the nesting instincts of some moms may cause them to scratch and bundle-up the liner, secure the liner down to make sure puppies cannot crawl underneath.

Washing Instructions: Machine wash warm separately, gentle cycle. Do not bleach. HANG DRY ONLY.
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