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Drontal Cat

Drontal for Cats

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  • Broad-spectrum dewormer used in cats & kittens to treat tapeworms, hookworms & roundworms.
  • Proven to eradicate the most common intestinal parasites.
  • An easy single-dose administration. Each tablet is scored for easy breakage.
Drontal Cat is a broad spectrum dewormer that removes the common parasites of cats and kittens, including tape, hook and roundworms. Not for cats under 1 month or 1.5 lbs.
Praziquantel 18.2mg, Pyrantel Pamoate 72.6mg
Weight Dosage
1.5-1.9 lbs 1/4 tab
2-3 lbs 1/2 tab
4-8 lbs 1 tab
9-12 lbs 1.5 tabs
13-16 lbs 2 tabs
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