Revival Animal Health Doggy DooDoo Bags

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    • Doggy DooDoo Bags helps you clean up those "messes" your pet can make
    • Tear a bag off the hanger and slip into your pocket
    • Slip you hand inside the bag, pick up the poop, turn the bag inside out, tie it shut and dispose properly
    • Hanger holds 100 orange 16"L x 9"W bags
    Using Revival Animal Health® Doggy DooDoo Bags is the easy solution to keep public environments clean and your neighbors happy. Picking up dog poop is never fun but, city ordinances require that you must. The Doggy DooDoo Bag will help you get the job done quickly and keep your hands clean. Easier to carry than a pooper scooper and economical to use. Hanger holds 100 orange 16"L x 9"W bags. Simply tear a bag off before you leave for walks. When your dog makes a "mess", slip your hand inside the bag, pick up the poop, turn it inside out, tie it shut and dispose of properly.
    Cardboard hanger holds 100 count 16"L x 9"W orange plastic bags.
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    The Best Poopie Bags Anywhere!

    I have ordered and reordered these bags many times, even taking a bunch to Italy when I was there for nearly a year. I have tried many other kinds of poopie bags, but none are as convenient and useful for me. I have three Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, and these bags are easy to pull from a wall hook. They are soft, so don't bulk up too much in my pocket when I take the pups out for a walk. They are long enough to tie easily, and when we come back from our walks, the unused bags fit on a hook by virtue of the round holes cut near the top. What's not to like? (okay, maybe the orange color).


    Doggy DooDoo Bags

    These are great, sturdy bags that can handle even the 'largest job.' They are very reasonably priced. The convenient hanger is perfect for hanging the bags on a hook, pulling free a bag, and walking the dog. I buy no less than 1000 bags at a time! Great product!



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