Disposable Artificial Insemination Kit

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    • Disposable Artificial Insemination Kit includes everything needed to inseminate small animals
    • Complete instructions for determining estrus, collecting semen, and insemination
    • Kit includes all components necessary for semen collection and insemination
    • Pressure activated warming pack to keep semen warm
    The Disposal Artificial Insemination Kit contains everything you need to artificially inseminate small animals. Includes a semen vial with funnel and cap, flexible 8.5" insemination tube with syringe, heat generation pack for warming the semen vial, a snap-lid container to hold the heat pack and semen vial during collection and instructions.
    1 (one) Snap Lid Container
    1 (one) Semen Vial with attachable snap lid
    1 (one) 10 cc Syringe
    1 (one) Instant Heat Compress
    Directions for Use
    Directions for Use:
    1. Determine stage of estrus – "Right time" signals; usually 8-14 days after beginning signs of estrus. Female receptive, male interested. Vulva swelling reduces, discharge changes from red to amber color. Microscopic epithelial estrus signs: abundant cornified cells with pyknotic nuclei, with no leukocytes.
    2. Place funnel on semen vial. Warm semen vial by activating heat compress and wrapping loosely around semen vial placed in the middle of plastic container.
    3. Ejaculate male into funnel by using electroejaculator or allow the male to mount the female, then manually alternate pressure and release of the bulbus glandis. Be sure to collect all the semen since the latter fraction is highest in sperm concentration.*
    4. Check a drop of semen for numbers and motility at this point, or after insemination.
    5. Place tip of insemination tube into semen and draw the entire contents into syringe.
    6. Wash vulva area of female, then insert the tube into vagina through the cervix (or as far as possible) and inject the semen.
    7. Leave tube in place. Remove the syringe and then inject 2cc of air to clear tube of semen. Then remove from vagina.
    8. Elevate the hind quarters of female for 5-10 minutes.
    9. Repeat once or twice at 36-48 hour intervals.

    *The heat compress can be used after semen collection to maintain proper semen temperature for up to one hour.
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    Don't like the hard collection device. Collection bags are much easier to use.

    Manteca ca

    Not good for dogs over 10lbs!!!

    I bought this kit to Breed my english bulldog and it was ridiculous! The insemination tube was TINY, THIN, and FLEMSY! There's no way I could have even tried to put it in the vagina... Let alone, would it even pass the cervix for a correct insemination! The Kits meant for a chihuahua, definitely not any bigger dog!!!

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