D/Earth (Diatomaceous Earth)

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    • Diatomaceous Earth is made with the fossilized remains of microscopic shells
    • An all-natural and organic pesticide
    • Kills parasites by scratching the insect's waxy outer shell, killing the parasite by dehydration
    • Can be used on and around pets, in your home and kennels, and on your yard
    • Food grade D/Earth can be used orally to kill internal parasites
    Diatomaceous Earth (D/Earth) is an all-natural, effective pesticide that is made with the fossilized remains of microscopic shells, which are crushed into a fine powder. D/Earth is a short and long-term solution to parasite and pest problems. It kills external parasites and pests, such as ticks, fleas, lice, bed bugs and any pest with an exoskeleton. This product scratches an insect's waxy outer shell and absorbs the body fluids from the parasite, eventually killing the parasite by dehydration. Because the pest is killed through physical action and not chemical action, the pest cannot become immune to D/Earth.

    It can be used on the skin and coat or around pets during the parasite season. You can even give the food grade D/Earth to animals internally to clear the digestive tract of impurities, worms and parasites. Lastly, you can use it to treat your yard and home. When used outside, D/Earth must be reapplied after precipitation.

    Sorry, this product cannot be shipped to California.
    D/Earth will need to re-applied after any precipitation.
    Do not apply to the coat of puppies under 16 weeks old or on nursing mothers.
    It is recommended that a dust mask is worn during application to prevent inhalation.
    It is recommended that dust-sensitive individuals are not present during treatment.
    When applying this product to pet bedding, household carpeting, or furniture, allow dust to settle before re-population of pets and humans.
    100% Diatomaceous Earth
    On animals: Use as a dusting during parasite season by sprinkling or rubbing into the coat of the animal.

    Kennels: Sprinkle around kennel or bedding areas where there is a high concentration of parasites.

    Oral use: 1-2 Tbsp per 50 lbs as needed as nutritional supplement for animals with skin & coat needs during the parasite season.
    Overall Customer Rating of 11 Reviews:

    This stuff really works!

    This product works great around the dogs; it is safe, easy to use, and really works


    All natural product that is safe and effective!

    I raise Yorkies and usually average having about 7 or 8 adult dogs in the house at the same time. Diatomaceous Earth works best as a prevention and maintenance treatment, in my opinion. If you have a bad infestation, you need to use an oral medicine to get rid of the fleas. And then you need to treat the environment. I have sprinkled D/Earth on my couch, my carpet, my mattress, around the doorways, the yard, and everywhere my dogs might go. You can even sprinkle it on their food to kill internal parasites. It works by cutting the shell of the fleas causing them to die from dehydration. So, if any flea eggs hatch, they die before they start biting. And since it is ground fossils, you don't have to worry about an chemical harm to anything.


    Tried everything!!

    My dog who is a pit mix is my problem child. She ended up getting fleas and ticks this past year and I tried everything for her. I normally got the pills but my vet stopped selling the comfortus. I rubbed the D/earth on her a few times thinking it just may take awhile and there was no change. It didn't work for her. Ive had a few other friends say it worked well for them.


    excellent product

    I have been using this for a few years, to control fleas. I feed it directly into the food for cats. I used to use it for dogs. They rarely have fleas.


    Works great

    Very effective

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