Deluxe Sta-Put Bench Seat Cover

Each, 56"x47"
Availability: Discontinued
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Starting at: $44.99
    • Quilted construction with micro-suede top fabric offers luxurious comfort and warmth
    • Machine washable and treated with Stain-Blok™
    • Protects the seat from dirt, dander, and "spills"
    Solvit™ Deluxe Sta-Put™ Bench Seat Cover you can keep your pet comfortable and protect your vehicle seats at the same time! Made of a super-soft micro-suede top fabric that is extremely durable. The padded cushion is treated with Stain-Blok to protect the back seat from dirt, dander and spills. With multiple attachment points and patented Sta-Put devices, the cover stays firmly in place in any vehicle with headrests.
    Measures 56" x 47".
    Weighs 3 lbs.

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