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Datamars ID Microchips

  • Each Datamars ID Microchip contains a unique 15-digit identification code
  • The durable glass capsule is pre-loaded into the disposable one-way implanter
  • "No Return Click" syringe offers additional safety
Each Datamars ID microchip contains a unique 15-digit identification code that is ISO compatible, so you know your pet can be identified every time. The extremely durable glass capsule is pre-loaded into the disposable one-way implanter for easy and painless implantation. The "No Return Click" syringe offers additional safety. When properly and fully depressed, the syringe will give an audible click to alert the practitioner that implantation was performed correctly and is complete. It also blocks and locks the injector, which stops the microchip from being retracted back into the syringe while being removed from the animal's body. Each capsule contains an antenna coil and the microchip with the indelible RFID identification code.
General Microchipping Instructions:
1. Scan the pet to verify whether he or she has a microchip that was previously implanted.
2. Scan the Datamars blister pack to verify that the microchip is functional, and that the ID code matches the accompanying barcode labels.
3. Implant the Datamars microchip. Then rescan the pet to verify that the microchip can be localized.
4. Do not forget to complete the pet's registration in a database like PetLink.
5. If the pet is ever lost, hopefully his or her microchip can be scanned, and the owner's information retrieved.

Registering Datamars microchips with PetLink:
Datamars Chip registration forms can be obtained by calling Vedco at 888-708-3326.
Mail chip Registration forms and a one-time fee of $19.99 to:

c/o Datamars Inc.
250 West Cummings Park
Woburn, MA 01801
Suitable for all companion animals.

Product Reviews
Datamars ID Microchip Found in Dog at Large
By: Dog Finder
From: Brooks, Alberta, Canada
Found a female pitbull dog last night and was lucky enough to find a microchip with the scanner at my vet's today. After they phoned several different companies, it was discovered to be a Datamars chip. Then after phoning the petlink line, it was discovered that no one had ever registered the ID number. Too bad the person who chipped this dog didn't take the time to enter the information or this dog would have been on its way home. So Datamars has a good product in that it worked. The only problem was there was no follow up. I'm sure the owner is thinking someone stole his dog because he did his part by chipping his dog. I did my part by taking the dog in and getting a chip number. However, the middle man messed up. As a result, this dog isn't going home!!!!

By: amy
From: wny
I was very happy with the ease of inserting these chips. It is a big needle but once that part is done the chip inserts just as instructions say. I emailed to request a supply of registration forms to be mailed so I could give them to my customers with the rest of the adoption paperwork. I got them quickly via fedx in plenty of time to give to my customers with the rest of her adoption paperwork. Very pleased with the micro chip & customer service!
Easy and affordable
By: Beth
Really easy to insert, the price is very affordable and registration of chips and their customer service is great. Highly recommend!
my experience with datamars microchips
By: Tomas DVM
The first time I used this microchips,(supplied from my customer), I consider "is another one in the market", but when I order more microchips from your business and I see the price, it help me to reduce price to my customer and give them another choice for I.D. for their pet
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