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Datamars ID Microchips

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Each Datamars ID microchip contains a unique 15-digit identification code that is ISO compatible, so you know your pet can be identified every time. The extremely durable glass capsule is pre-loaded into the disposable one-way implanter for easy and painless implantation. Each capsule contains an antenna coil and the microchip with the indelible RFID identification code.

The iMAX Plus Reader is safe and reliable, providing a high quality signal and reading of your pet's microchip. Lightweight and easy to read with a backlit, LCD screen, it beeps after a successful reading. Automatically shuts down after 90 seconds of non-use. Requires 9V battery, lasting about 1000 readings before a battery change. Compatible with any ISO standard microchip - 125, 128 and 134.2 kHz frequencies, plus it's compatible with AVID microchips.

Chips can registered online at www.petlink.net or call 1-800-pet-link for a one time fee of 19.95

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