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Airline Travel Kit

Complete Airline Travel Kit

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  • One piece, spill resistant food and water cup
  • Cut-to-fit 35"L x 23"W absorbent pad
  • Metal nuts and bolts
  • 12 zip ties & 2 "LIVE ANIMAL" stickers
  • Meets IATA and USDA air travel requirements
The Complete Airline Travel Kit contains a 1-piece spill-resistant food and water cup that hooks to the wire on the kennel door; a cut-to-fit 35"L x 23"W absorbent pad; metal nuts and bolts (12 – 1¼" bolts, 5 – 1¾" bolts, 5 – 1" bolts, 12 washers and 12 nuts); 12 zip ties; 2 "LIVE ANIMAL" stickers; a temporary pet ID tag and a shipping identification sticker. Meets IATA and USDA air travel requirements.
1-piece cup measures approximately 6" x 3.5" and each side holds about 1 cup of food or water

Kennel pad measure 35"L x 23"W
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