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Use with behavioral problems such as urine marking
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Comfort Zone Diffuser with Feliway

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  • Comfort Zone with Feliway disperses an odorless vapor mimicking cat calming pheromones
  • These pheromones signal to your cat that the area is friendly and safe
  • 95% effective at reducing urine marking and scratching
When cats are content in their environment, they'll use facial pheromones to "mark" that territory as safe and secure. Comfort Zone Feliway® contains a synthetic version of this pheromone, which you can use to reassure your cat during times of stress or unknown situations. By giving them this reassurance, you can reduce behavior problems such as urine marking, vertical scratching and more, which often happen when your cat is distressed or feels threatened.

Comfort Zone with Feliway comes in two easy forms:
Diffuser plugs in to cover an open area up to 650 sq ft., giving round-the-clock control in areas where your cat has recently marked or displayed signs of stress. Includes 1 vial.
Spray is good for spot applications where problems persist or prior to traveling to create a sense of well-being.

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Analogue of feline facial pheromones 2%.
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