Natura Chicken Coop Model 55962

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    • Made of non-toxic glazed pine, composite asphalt shingles, galvanized metal
    • Features 3 doors, removable roosting pole, and a pull-out tub for easy cleaning
    • Includes sleeping house with ramp and sliding door, a nesting box with 2 separate nests, and an attic for extra storage
    • Can be extended with natura Chicken Run
    • Weather proof and easy to assemble

    TRIXIE natura® Chicken Coop with Outdoor Run Model 55962 is designed for 2 standard sized chickens or 4 bantams in this 22-story, glazed pine coop. The coop is made of sturdy, close-meshed galvanized grid, composite asphalt shingles, and a boltable sliding door, making it perfect for your birds. With a sleeping house with ramp and sliding door, nesting box with two separate nests for laying eggs, attic for additional storage, and a pull-out plastic tub for easy cleaning, this coop is great for outdoor keeping. Also equipped with a wooden back panel for protection from the wind, easy to access doors, and a hinged roof with locking arms for collecting eggs. The chicken coop is also easy to assemble and is weather proof. Plus you can extend with the Trixie natura Chicken Run.

    68¾"L x 31¼"W x 42"H

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