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Cardboard Pet Carrier

Cardboard Pet Carrier

  • Cardboard Pet Carrier is perfect for when you need to quickly & easily transport your pet
  • Cardboard construction with a special water-based coating to provide moisture resistance
  • Strong glued joints for stability and holes for ventilation
  • Approximately 70% post-consumer recycled product
  • One-piece construction
Call or email for bulk shipping charges on 2 or more Cardboard Pet Carriers. Ground shipping only. This is an FOB item.
Cardboard Pet Carriers are perfect for when you need to quickly & easily transport your pet. The special water-based coating provides moisture resistance, with strong glued joints for stability and holes for ventilation. Approximately 70% post-consumer recycled product. One-piece construction is easily assembled. Comes in a pack of 12 boxes.
Measures 17½"L x 15"H x 8½"W.

Product Reviews
By: Nancy Frye
From: Georgia
We have been using these carriers for quite a while and until recently were very satisfied. However the last order was the new "version" and we were not as satisfied. The carrier does not hold up as well as previous ones. The boxes do not assemble as well and flaps do not match like they did before. They are definitely of the same quality as previously.

Cardboard Pet Carrier
By: Catniplady
From: Michigan
This carrier is an excellent product compared to other brands I have used for our animal rescue's spay/neuter clinic. The ventilation holes are a perfect size - I have had cats claw their way out of larger air holes in other brands. The top securely fastens compared to other brands that slip open easily and need to be secured with tape to prevent escapees. Highly recommend and the price is right.
Cardboard pet carrier.
By: mopsiecalopsie
From: NY
Not the best design!

I do rescue work and one of the cats actually got out of this, while in the car, and ran outside. Luckily, after around 4 days we managed to get her back! It could have been a real disaster, though!
Doc Roy's Pet Carriers
By: Rescue group
From: Washington
Our rescue group is an adoption partner with a national pet store. After using the Doc Roy carriers for a long time, we thought it would be political to buy carriers from the store with its name on them. We worked out a satisfactory pricing arrangement. However, we found those carriers to be much less sturdy than yours, so after a year or so ago, we decided to switch back to yours.
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