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  • Extra Ice
  • Health Record Upsell
  • Solo-Jec® 5 offers puppies 5-way disease protection
  • Effective Parvovirus, Distemper and respiratory (CAV-2) protection
  • Convenient single dose package with syringe
  • Intramuscular or subcutaneous administration
Vaccines are non-returnable.

Solo-Jec® 5 protects dogs against five diseases caused by Canine Distemper, Canine Adenovirus Type 2, Parainfluenza and Parvovirus. It is a combination of antigenic and attenuated strains of Canine Distemper, Parainfluenza, CAV-2 and Parvovirus propagated in cell line tissue cultures. The liquid diluent is Parvovirus vaccine. This modified live virus vaccine can be administered intramuscularly or subcutaneously. Recommended for use in healthy dogs six weeks of age or older that are not exposed to Leptospira. Packaged in a convenient 1 ml single dose with disposable syringe.
For subcutaneous or intramuscular injection in dogs six weeks of age or older. Shake well before use.

Package Includes
1 (one) dose vial of dry vaccine
1 (one) ml vial of vaccine diluent
1 (one) disposable syringe

Contains Gentamicin and Amphotericin B as a preservative.
Only vaccinate healthy animals. Animals incubating any disease or stressed due to shipping, malnutrition, or parasitism may not achieve or maintain an adequate immune response.
Do not vaccinate pregnant bitches.
Do not use in ferrets or mink.
Protective immunity may not be completely established in all puppies vaccinated at less than 16 weeks of age because of maternal antibody interference.

Store out of direct sunlight at 35°-45° F (2-7° C). Do not freeze. Do not mix with other vaccines. Use new, non-chemically sterilized needles and syringes. Use entire contents when first opened.

Burn vaccine containers and all unused contents.
Directions for Use: Open syringe by twisting or tapping the cap against a hard surface to break the heat weld. Prepare the vaccine by injecting the diluent into the vial containing the desiccated vaccine cake. Shake well. Withdraw entire contents into the syringe. Thoroughly prepare injection site with antiseptic.
For subcutaneous injection lift the loose skin behind the neck or behind front leg and insert needle. Inject entire contents of syringe. Do not inject directly into blood vessel.
For intramuscular administration, insert needle into muscle of the hind limb. Inject entire contents of syringe. Do not inject directly into blood vessel. Important note: Before injecting vaccine, pull back slightly on syringe plunger. If blood enters the syringe freely, choose another injection site.
Puppies nine weeks or younger: Vaccinate healthy puppies at three to four week intervals until 16 weeks of age for at least three doses.
Puppies over nine weeks and adults: Give minimum of two doses at three to four week intervals. Annual revaccination with a single dose is recommended.
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Not particularly happy, but I've bought other vaccines that were fine. This particular product showed up at my house with melted, warm ice packs. I had left for 20 minutes and it still had not shown up at my door around 530p, I get home home and there it is. Upon opening I found the box wet, the ice box with a half inch puddle of water at the bottom and all ice packs completely melted and warm. Tyke vaccine was tepid.

Against my better judgement (read I am a complete idiot and should not have done this) I vaccinated my 12 week puppy. A day later she is extremely sick and required an emergency visit to the vet. She is fine now and I'm not upset with Revival TOO much.

Next time I'll choose over night shipping.


puppy rotty traces of parvo

My Rottweiler female 7 months old was vaccinated with this above solo jec 5. At 7 weeks, 10 weeks and 14 weeks old I did her shots. 3 day's ago she started vomiting and diarrhea with blood, she lost 7 to 8 lbs. I took her to veterinary hospital and she had a snap parvo test,negative results then 20 minutes later trace amounts of parvo were detected. 2 days later I was told this but she is recovering slowly. But I don't know if vaccinations were totally solid. Just got me thinking.


Get Another Vet!

I concur- GET ANOTHER VET! It is perfectly fine to give your own vaccinations to save money. The ONLY vaccination that MUST be done by the vet (to be officially recognized) is rabies.

3620 eagle lane PC FL. 32404

It's all about my pups

I've been using these 5 ways for many years and have never had any problems. The comment was made by someone that their vet wouldn't except the shot you gave your pup! Get another vet! They, but only some will say this just to get your money. Just show the vet the package from the shot and tell him if he doesn't except it you'll get a different vet, they then don't want to lose you and will give the next shot due for your pup. They will want to give the pup an examination which is ok but don't let him scare you into anything else. Some vets are very repedable but some aren't. I have a good one that has never minded my own treatments. That goes for giving antibiotics too. We aren't dummies unless you aren't experienced. You do need to learn all this of course.

spokane valley, wa


We got this for our litter of pups. It arrived before expected, cold, and was easy to use. We will continue to purchase from Revival Animal! Thanks



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