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Syringe, 12mL
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  • Calsorb® calcium gel for dogs is absorbed quickly
  • Clear syringe makes for quick and accurate dosing
  • Ideal for use during whelping and for fast-growing breeds
Calsorb® is a fast absorbing calcium in a gel base for dogs showing signs of extreme calcium deficiency. Comes in a clear syringe for quick and accurate dosing. Ideal to use during whelping or with fast-growing puppies.
For animal use only. Not for use in humans.

Keep out of the reach of children.

Store in controlled room temperature.
Ingredients: 170 mg per ml of calcium in a gel base
Directions for Use: Administer 1 to 3 ml depending on severity of condition.
Keep out of the reach of children.

Product Reviews
By: Kathy
From: New Hampshire
I love it. I keep it on hand for my girls when they are whelping litters and need help with extra calcium. Its the best.

By: Sonja
From: Arizona
Calsorb is a must have if you have a bitch with puppies. This product, on the suggestion of my vet. gave my new mama dog enough calcium to avoid "milk fever". Wouldn't be without it when a litter is due.
By: Gayle Vogt
From: Pa.
this is a must have item for breeders. it works fast if your bitches calcium goes to low.
love it
By: alwayson
From: NV
my vet charges me 21.00 for this same stuff really helps in whepling

Calsorb Is My First Choice In A Calcium Emergency
By: havanasilkdogs
I have yet to find an emergency calcium supplement that works as fast and as consistently as Calsorb and I have tried ALL the others. If it's an emergency (ie: post partum eclampsia ) there is NO comparison to the effectiveness of this product. Calsorb has given me positive results in as little as 30 minutes post dosing, while it can take up to two hours in nearly all the other calcium products offered. Two warnings to keep in mind: 1.) Most bitches HATE the taste and often vomit after a dose, but they always retain enough to do the job. 2. Follow dosing directions for your breed and weight to the CAN be overdosed and an overdose is life threatening dangerous. Give smaller tiny doses if you're not sure of the dose and go to a vet ASAP.
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