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Bronze Plus Series Welded Wire Mesh Dog Kennel

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The Bronze Plus Series Dog Kennels have smaller mesh openings than the regular Bronze series, so they're great for smaller animals, puppies, kittens or birds. The sturdy 3' x 3' panels can be arranged in many different configurations outside of the standard shape - if needed, extra panels are available for more arrangements. Made of welded, powder-coated wire for corrosion protection and UV resistance. Plus, the kennels are portable and can easily be set up in temporary configurations for camping, dog shows or more. The 6-ft doors can be opened as a single unit or in Dutch door style.
Model Standard
BP363MT 3'W x 6'L x 3'H 8 panels & 1 door kit
BP666MT 6'W x 6'L x 6'H 20 panels & 1 6-ft door kit
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