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Bio Case Pro V

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  • A quality pancreatic enzyme supplement made from whole, raw porcine pancreas
  • With added Vitamin B-12 and probiotics to help stabilize healthy levels of gut bacteria
  • Bio Case Pro V provides what pets need for pancreatic enzyme disorder
For pets with pancreatic enzyme disorder, Bio Case V Pro is just what they need. It has an extra potent pancreatic enzyme concentrate from whole live pancreas, with added Vitamin B-12 to prevent vitamin deficiency. Probiotics also help reduce stomach upset and loose stool.
Capsules: Contains 9,042usp of Lipase, 71,925usp of Protease, 73,980usp of Amylase, 68,760usp of Trypsin, 13,891usp of Chymotryspin, 500 million Lactobacillus, 100mcg of Vitamin B-12.
Powder: Contains 61,600usp of Lipase, 490,000usp of Protease, 504,000usp of Amylase, 467,600usp of Trypsin, 94,640usp of Chymotryspin, 500 million Lactobacillus, 100mcg of Vitamin B-12.
Powder: Give 3/4 - 1 tsp per pound of food. Add to moistened dog food before each meal, mixing thoroughly. Incubate at room temperature for 15-20 minutes before feeding.
Capsules: Give 2-3 capsules before each meal.
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