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Bark Limiter Deluxe

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  • Bark identification and Advanced Bark Correction reduces false corrections
  • Autorise bark correction works right out of the box
  • Bark odometer counts number of barks while you are away
  • Waterproof & fits on all dog breeds and coat thicknesses
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery lasts up to 3 months between charges
Bark Limiter Deluxe is the world's first intuitive electronic bark correction device. Features accelerometer-based bark identification to distinguish between barking and other vocalizations. Detects bark signals through the vibrations of your dog's throat. This helps in eliminating false corrections caused by other factors. Corrects obsessive or nuisance barking but allows the dog to communicate injury or bark to protect your home from an intruder without activating the device. Compact and lightweight design with a slim, rechargeable lithium-ion battery with up to 3 months of battery life. Ready to go right out of the box with no set-up required. Built-in Bark Odometer helps determine effectiveness when switching from automatic to manual correction level by measuring the number of barks while you are away. Also has the option of using vibration as an alternative to simulation. Waterproof.
In the Box:
BarkLimiter Deluxe with rechargeable lithium-ion battery
3/4" black collar strap
Charging clip
AC adapter
USB cable
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