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    • The High Tech Pet BT-3 Bark Terminator is an advanced bark and howling control collar for dogs 10 lbs. and up
    • Features 3 different modes of bark or howl detection
    • Ability to select SOUND ONLY or SOUND and SHOCK with each mode
    • Allows you to tailor your own custom bark training program
    • Indicator lights allow you to observe corrections if you cannot hear the tone
    The High Tech Pet BT-3 Bark Terminator is a completely new and advanced bark control system. It features three different modes of bark or howl detection. The Anti-Intruder Mode allows emergency barking such as when your dog barks at an intruder or fire. The Anti-Howl Mode prevents howling and Normal Mode stops all barking. Plus this advanced system gives you the ability to select "Sound Only" or "Sound and Shock" with each mode to tailor your own custom training program.

    When the collar detects a bark or howl it generates an annoying correction which always consists of an audible tone and, if enabled, a low current shock. The dog learns that the annoyance goes away when the barking or howling stops. The number and frequency of corrections progressively increases if the dog keeps barking or howling. The first correction is just a short tone to get the dogs attention, but following corrections add shock (if enabled) and multiple pulses if the dog continues to bark or howl.

    As the dog's barking slows the processor automatically reduces the frequency and intensity of the corrections. When there is no barking/howling for 30 seconds, the correction is reduced to its minimum. If the dog happens to panic and bark or howl uncontrollably for more than 15 seconds, the processor disables all corrections for a 20 second recovery period to let the dog calm down.

    If your dog has not barked in a long time, the first bark or loud noise will not trigger a correction. This feature prevents generation of an unnecessary correction to a random event such as something falling and creating a loud noise. This feature is implemented in the Normal and Anti-Intruder modes, but not the Howl-Prevention mode.

    During normal operation, the BATT and SHOCK lights will flash in synchronization with every tone and shock correction respectively. This may be used to visually observe the corrections if you cannot hear the tone. Replacement batteries are also available. Shipped directly from manufacturer.
    BT-3 Collar with B-3V8 battery pack and strap.

    Collar measures: 2.75"L x 0.75"W x 1.5"H"
    Collar with strap measures: 26"L
    Weight: 4 oz.

    For use on dogs 10 lbs. and up

    90-day satisfaction guaranteed
    One-year warranty
    Getting Started
    Engage the battery by squeezing into the collar until it is firmly seated and flush with the back of the collar. (See user manual for more information.)

    With the collar removed from the dog, and while not touching the two shock probes, press the system TEST Button and observe the status lights.

    Note: Repeat this test at least once a week.

    ENABLE or DISABLE Shock Correction
    Shock correction is easily toggled ON or OFF. Do this only with the collar removed from the dog! Note: The collar is shipped with the chock correction ENABLED.

    Select the Desired Detection Mode
    Do this by turning the dial until the arrow aligns with the correct Mode Symbol (see user manual).

    Fitting the Collar to Your Dog
    1. For the collar to properly apply the corrective shock stimulus, it is very important that the electrodes make good contact with the animal's skin. Fur between the electrodes and skin can greatly reduce the amount of stimulus transmitted to your dog. For this reason, we recommend that you shave the fur under your dog's neck where the electrodes contact the skin.
    2. Two sets of Shock Probes are included with the BT-3; a long set for thick haired dogs, and a short set for short haired animals. The probes screw on to threaded studs in the bottom of the collar. Use pliers if necessary to loosen or tighten the probes. Periodically check to make sure the probes are still tight.
    3. Place the collar around your dog's neck with the housing at the bottom.
    4. Fit the strap snugly but not so tight as to restrict breathing or cause harm to the neck.
    5. Make sure both electrodes are in good contact with your dog's skin. Use of a little skin lotion on your dog's neck will improve contact. If necessary change to the longer Shock Probes.
    6. Once you have determined the proper fit, mark the strap and cut off the excess length.

    Battery Life
    The custom 8-cell battery pack will last two about months when few corrections are generated, and about two weeks during the initial training when a lot of corrections are generated.

    Battery life is extended if you disengage the battery when it is not being used. To do this squeeze together the two finger tabs on each side of the battery pack and pull it out of the casing about 3/16 inch. Friction will retain the battery in the disengaged position.

    *Replacement B-3V8 battery pack sold separately.

    BT-3 Bark Terminator Bark Control Collar Manual

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