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Vetoquinol Azodyl Caps, Small Capsules, 90ct

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Azodyl® Caps help dogs and cats with renal failure. Slows down uremic toxin buildup, which helps prevent further kidney damage. The patented formulation of naturally-occurring beneficial bacteria flushes out the uremic toxins that have diffused in the bowel, reducing damage and failure.

Store in a refrigerator.
Capsules should be given whole and not opened or crushed. If necessary, administer capsule with a piece of the animal's favorite food or treat.
Up to 5 lbs: 1 capsule daily
5-10 lbs: 2 capsules daily (1 in am, 1 in pm)
Over 10 lbs: 3 capsules daily (2 in am, 1 in pm)
Kibow Biotics� [E. Thermophilus (KB 19), L. acidophius (KB 27), B. longum (KB 31), Psyllium husk].
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